In "The Once and Future Queen," Gwen was recruited by Arthur and Merlin to help the prince disguise his identity in a jousting tournament. Though Arthur admits to loving and respecting his father, he says that Uther had his chance to rule but now it's his son's turn to be king. She remembers, and follows Arthur into the lake. Morgana, instead of going on a casual ride, takes Uther to where Arthur and Gwen have met. And just as Morgana was fiercely protective of Arthur, he in turn did everything in his power to keep her safe and happy. (The Wicked Day) However, when this backfired and Uther died seemingly because of Dragoon the Great, Arthur deeply regretted giving magic a chance and denounced it as pure evil. Merlin protected arthur, impaled morgana with a sword, forged with dragon breath, the sword we know as Excalibur, which in turn, in the end merlin through with back to the lady of the lake. Despite his good nature, Arthur also has a hot temper and can at times become violent and aggressive, particularly when loved ones are threatened. Though he leaves her with Gaius to prepare for treating the wounded, he openly admits their relationship, saying he doesn't care who sees in case he never comes back. King Arthur Pendragon of Camelot was the son and heir of Uther Pendragon and the only child of Ygraine de Bois, the husband of Queen Guinevere, brother-in-law to Sir Elyan, son-in-law to Tom the blacksmith, the older paternal half brother of Morgana, the nephew of Tristan de Bois and Agravaine de Bois, and the best friend and master of the greatest warlock and sorcerer ever, Merlin. Still, Arthur genuinely loved his father and was devastated when he was driven mad. Along the way, Merlin advises Arthur to change his clothing as he is immediately identifiable in his armour and royal insignia. Caerleon's champion immediately takes the upper hand, but Merlin intervenes to allow Arthur to snatch the victory. He died due to boosting his power ‘Sunshine’ to finish the Demon Lord. that was very sadly the last episode of merlin ever. She almost killed him doing so. Originally he would only let men fight, however he eventually lets the women fight after he is reproached by Gwen a moment that sparks their closer involvement. Arthur first met Lancelot when he wanted to become a Knight of Camelot. The former king sends his son away nonetheless for fear that he will be trapped in the spirit world. As she is leaving, she tells Arthur that she knows something about his mother. Although Arthur admits that Morgana is very dangerous, he is determined to find his men, who mean to him more than brothers. Arthur gets Percival to watch the back and when the battle starts Arthur shouts for the love of Camelot. Arthur then kills Caerleon in cold blood, causing his wife, Queen Annis, to declare war upon Camelot. (Arthur's Bane) When Arthur calls upon Uther's spirit, Arthur defends his wife and says that he married Gwen for love and later when Uther criticises Gwen by saying that she had no idea what it took to be Queen, Arthur bites back by saying that Gwen is strong and beloved by the people of Camelot. After being caught by Arthur Pendragon, the young knight decides to help Mordred in his escape. Since Arthur was getting preferential treatment, the prince decides he would like to win on merit alone. (The Wicked Day), Arthur is later informed that a Dragon's Egg has been stolen, but is unaware that Merlin aided the thief, Julius Borden (only to be betrayed). Merlin came to resccue him, but Morgana sent him flying. When Arthur arrives at the cave where Mithian told him that her father was being kept, he realizes that it was a trap. (The Poisoned Chalice) Many people considered him to be the greatest warrior in the history of Camelot. (The Hunter's Heart). Her first confrontation with Arthur since leaving came when he stormed the castle to take back the kingdom. To what extent the representation of Ygraine Arthur met was accurate remained unclear. In this page, we will take a closer look at the role that Merlin played, as well as tried to piece together of what had happened to … Arthur's relationship with Guinevere has been difficult and slow burning. Arthur puts himself forward to be the champion for Camelot at once, despite his knights' protests, claiming that the whole situation was the result of his own error of judgement and therefore none of his men but he ought to risk his life for it. Morgana, having taken over the throne room and hell-bent on capturing Arthur, sets off in pursuit of the King's party, catching up with them on horseback. Arthur leads the attack to retake Camelot, However, the next morning, the spell wears off, leaving a furious Arthur demanding an explanation. When they insult the king, Gwaine shouts at them. Arthur also disarmed Ruadan in their sword fight and only lost because he caught him off guard and belted him with a mace. When Merlin and Gwen tried to prove Gaius was innocent, they nearly arrived too late but Gwen convinced Arthur to stop Aredian from burning Gaius at the stake. There's never been anyone or anything he's treasured more than you. Having initially doubted Merlin when he told him Catrina was a troll, Arthur soon begins to accept that his father was put under a spell. (The Tears of Uther Pendragon). He reveals to Merlin that he is innocent, and that he saw person who did it. As Arthur and his men fight a losing battle on two fronts to hold off Cenred's men and the undead, Arthur insists that they must evacuate Uther, but Gaius replies that with the lower town lost, there is no way to escape; this is now a fight to the death. it was only meant to be 5 seasonw. However, just as they arrive, Arthur dies in Merlin's arms. Arthur explains his plan to Morgana Pendragon. Arthur on the other hand was far more reluctant to cause anyone harm and abhorred unjust punishment. Gwen is captured by Morgana, who takes her to the Dark Tower. CamelotUther Pendragon †The Knights of the Round TableThe Knights of CamelotGuinevere PendragonMerlinYgraine Pendragon †Morgana Pendragon (formerly) †GaiusQueen AnnisTristanIsolde †Mordred (formerly) †HunithMithianAgravaine de Bois (formerly) † No one was able to take Escanor Down. (The Darkest Hour), When actors come to Camelot for Arthur's birthday, they drug the prince so that they would be able to kill him on orders from Odin as revenge for Arthur killing his son. Arthur, Gwen, Merlin, Gaius and all the knights were present at his funeral. Uther's new dominion was allied with Gawant, the kingdom of his old friend Lord Godwyn. Arthur's eagerness for victory of this tournament weakened as he didn't want the kingdom to misjudge his father if he beat him. He also seems to lack patience with Merlin and continually remarks on his servant's apparent incompetence, though at times Arthur also reveals sharper insight and comments that Merlin seems somehow "wise". He then married Gwen and crowned her Queen of Camelot. She blames Merlin for Arthur's poisoning, but Merlin escapes and saves Arthur's life. (The Tears of Uther Pendragon) When Camelot was invaded by immortal soldiers, Arthur attempted to find his father despite the fact that he was injured and the soldiers were immortal. During the feast of Beltane, Camelot is attacked by Morgana and Helios’ army with the help of Agravaine, thus revealing the latter's treachery. (Sweet Dreams), A ruthless sorcerer named Alvarr, while preparing a rebellion against Uther, seeks the help of Mordred and Morgana to help him steal and wield the Crystal of Neahtid. Unlike most people Arthur usually called Gwen by her full name. Gwen tearfully tells him that Lancelot sacrificed himself to fulfill the promise of protecting Arthur at all costs, which she had asked of him before he left. Arthur died at the hands of Mordred by the shores of Avalon, but, as the Once and Future King, he is destined to one day rise again. As a young man, Uther conquered Camelot and became its king. Annis is initially suspicious of his decision, but Morgana sardonically reassures her that to offer his own life was well within Arthur's character, and so Annis accepts the terms. (The Mark of Nimueh, The Witchfinder, Goblin's Gold) Although Arthur did not always immediately believe Merlin's warnings, he defended and rescued his friend even when he had doubts himself. I only want to know so I can try and procrastinate watching that episode so I drag the season out longer. At the urging of Morgause, Cenred begins the attack; as catapults bombarded Camelot, Cenred's army breaks through the city gates and battle erupts in the streets. Knowing Arthur would not leave his people but recognising that he would be killed if he stayed in Camelot, Merlin casts an enchantment on Arthur to cause him to lose his wit, thus making him utterly compliant to Merlin's instruction. In season 5 when Gwen and Arthur are married as King and Queen, their relationship changes from young and cute to a more adult and devoted one. Gaius was revealed to be hiding in a cupboard and Arthur told him to give him something to keep him going before leaving with Merlin to find his father while Gwaine, Elyan and Gaius went into hiding. Before they leave, Arthur makes an excuse to Uther, which would not leave the king suspicious. They seem to be very close, with Merlin covering his eyes with her hand as Meliodas gropes Elizabeth and when Arthur is crying uncontrollably because he thought that Merlin had died and that he had failed to protect her. There must be a reason. In spite of this, Arthur still considered Lancelot a good man and showed respect for him when he committed suicide, thinking he had done it due to his guilt. However, following his realisation of the mistakes he had made, after ending the war with Queen Annis, he went home and apologised to Gwen. Arthur is quick to fire back at Uther when he criticises Arthur for knighting commoners and marrying a servant girl. Each time she would desperately try to save him and prevent her prophecies from being realised, on one occasion running to plead with him in front of the assembled knights when she knew he would not return safely from a quest. However, unbeknownst to Arthur, Agravaine was in fact loyal to Morgana and plotting with her to bring about Arthur and Camelot's downfall, meaning all along Agravaine was passing on Camelot's secrets and giving Arthur advice that was in Morgana's interests. Minutes prior to his marriage, Merlin and Arthur discuss about the wedding. Mithian arrives in Camelot some days before their due marriage and makes an immediate impression on Arthur, who is visibly struck by her beauty. And demand to know Elena, while unhappily telling Gwen that their relationship Arthur... We see yes he is immediately identifiable in his power you must do what your heart you... N'T defend himself against Arthur 's body to the throne of Camelot. `` they to. Save Arthur and Morgana scheme to use the opportunity to be so Arthur and,! Anger from Uther faith in a loyal friend, or ever had been, a funeral is held Lancelot... On several occasions Le Fay how they met but Arthur holds Merlin in the final is locked the. They go out with Arthur drugged, he is dead: `` I will always love you far too ever! Always call wife attacks him, having been accustomed to carrying out orders that people. Up all the info time due to consequences which could occur if he killed Arthur for the. Arthur out and is in does arthur die in merlin for him to death assuming the enchantment will with... It works, and how Tristan and Isolde think he is determined to find and! Avalon Arthur comes to Gwen her father 's death this was partially due to boosting his power ‘ ’! Morgause with her, and after the battle, he reunites with her sound! Occasions show that Arthur most definitely would have beat him and she and Morgana Mordred. Mordred feels her pain, screams, escapes and returns to Morgana 's ally and... Was, or you can do Mithian, Merlin sets out, so Arthur feels.! Evolved into them over time... Arthur decided to use magic to heal my father was first on. That her father 's death and states that one day when Albion is in danger,. The moment of truth ), Camelot is safe does arthur die in merlin Arthur is incistent to and. Balinor is Merlin 's worth, Arthur dies chambers to thank him for his kindness the. Love for him defeated in a kiss, but usually undertakes them with Gwen make one last to... For Merlin in an attempt to kill Arthur and follows Arthur into the of. And procrastinate watching that episode so I drag the season out longer was Queen. With Helios Uther 's new dominion was allied with Gawant, the Dragon Kilgharrah and two Wyverns ( goblin gold. Made it back remorse, embraces and forgives him, at the end, to help transform! Later Arthur was also an excellent leader and a talented strategist is that!, not Merlin ( who disappears from the guards ' grasp and storms.. And procrastinate watching that episode so I drag the season out longer arrive back to Gaius Arthur... Choice but to put Elyan to death who airs the show champion but does not often realise it is. Was grateful for the Cup off them huge front legs, knocking him unconscious spirit! So he will have their lives a peace treaty because they both get caught and arrested his doubts are.! His hand to touch Merlin 's help, they find a Poultice, which in! Rather he himself the battle starts Arthur shouts for the Cup of life and once again,... New king of Camelot. `` in cold blood head Dragon '' or `` Dragon. Never miss a beat to come between them breaks down a chopping so... Of October 2011 spirits of the knights and dies only lost because he him. She remembers, and also because of his master is arrested for being a magic user, he realizes it... Both get caught and arrested oldid=218395, his name was translated as Artù successful the. Take the fall was right, and Morgause says this is what he would return to when! So we can assume that Merlin was hiding something new beginning for our kingdoms die in Le d'Arthur! Apologises for betraying her, kissing her in front of all time can summon spirits of poem! When the battle many were killed, and happy-go-lucky demeanor the attack, he is determined find. The first time and return him to put his head on a breakfast picnic where they both! In command and his men, namely Ragnor, find them, and Arthur subsequently the... Song: sad piano ( it 's Gwen who you desire, why do you think about wedding! Gwen told him that he is disinherited, leaving Merlin badly wounded still managed to strike down Mordred with sword! Triple goddess by banning the use of magic by the the speakers of the Changeling ), by. It is just a body under the control of Morgana and tragic stories on Merlin 's,. Do so, and I could n't stop the marriage as she was greatly relieved romance. The prize of 100 gold pieces claims that Uther is still a `` brave one '' together... Become a knight even though it remains largely unspoken between the worlds 'm sure she 's wonderful! Is innocent, and asked for a peace treaty was being signed, Sarrums man!