???? However, this comes at a cost. Nosler's stated goal in the 27 Nosler is to produce a more capable long-range hunting cartridge. The 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum dials up the heat another 100 fps over the .26 Nosler; it’ll launch the 140-grain bullets at a muzzle velocity of just shy of 3400 fps. Here is part of Nosler's press release about their new baby: However, the amount of butt-hurt I get over displaying actual data is entertaining to me. The 700 magazine measures ~3.681”. Any input is much appreciated as I only want to buy 1 barrel 1 time. The issue stating it is more powerful than the 338 LM paat 1,000 yards is because you are comparing it to a light bullet for the 338 LM. I like guns don’t care what cal they are. ).....Actually, I love my .300 Winchesters and have also had quite a few .300 Wildcats over the years...but, my money is saved and I have a couple of dealers on alert for the first Bergara HMR PRO in .300 PRC they get. To compare one 30 cal cartridge to another 30 cal cartridge for external ballistics purposes, use the exact same bullet loaded to similar % of max pressures. I think that if I did the same weight folks would complain and if I did different weights folks are clearly complaining. To the author – you got called out for using dissimilar bullets to make the newbie appear more favorably and it is right for the readers to do so … easy enough to resolve – just load up some like for like and rerun em … it will only further prove the conclusions you’ve made for those who may not understand it … those conclusions being, the external ballistics are not the equal of the Norma but the trade-offs make it a better choice but not enough to warrant dumping an existing platform a shooter has already invested in. Your choice and why? 30 Nosler Trophy Grade. Powders include Hodgdon, IMR Part# 10150 Box Count: 25 . Your videos with John Lovell are well worth watching too. So should I go with the 300 PRC or 300 Norma? Thanks! The reason I like the 300 PRC over the 30 Nosler is it will very simply convert any existing 300 WM platform with nothing more than a barrel change. The 30 Nosler with a 26" will push 215s 2950-3100 usually around 3050.Both of mine were around 3030-3040. I appreciate the info your sharing. 7mm Shooting Times Westerner. However, I can imagine just as many guys crying that it would be unfair because one benefit of the 338 Lapua is the ability to shoot heavier bullets. That an important factor should be thought about bullet selection. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. To get the best performance out of these new bullets, they usually need to stick further out of the case which often exceeds the overall lengths allowed by older cartridges. On Carl’s behalf, you used an optimum bullet in the PRC, compared to the sub-optimum in the Lapua, as someone pointed out. If not, then it will go the way of the DoDo. Sale! Brass life for the .26 Nosler should be longer than that of the 6.5-300, as the Nosler design lacks the belt of brass, and the case stretching and thinning associated with it. Survival . Let me go back to the 6.5 Creedmoor example for a minute… The 6.5 Creedmoor effectively the same trajectory as the 300 Win Mag out to 1,200 yards. Also, the cartridge design is begging for the high ballistic coefficient bullets that will stick out longer due to their longer sleeker design. Something to consider. Why do action size and recoil matter to the tactical long range shooter? I bet your Hyundai could outrun my Corvette when I have a couple flat tires. A couple of things to think about. Jul 12, 2019 #4 Just got back from some testing on my 300 prc this morning. Keep the podcast going by the way! Both cases were new unfired. Can't say that about the Nosler. Barrel Break-in ($100/ea). On a personal note, your calm and reasoned replies are a credit to you. And When you get some spare time, write that book on map/compass navigation. Hybrid OTM Tactical has a (G1).71, a(G7).364 so where’s the superiority ? For 2015 Nosler, located in Bend Oregon, introduced a new 7mm Magnum cartridge, the .28 Nosler. 7mm-08 … I took rough measurements of both the 300 Win Mag and the 30 Nosler with the very popular 215 Berger hybrid. The 30 Nosler has 4% more case capacity than the most voluminous 300WM case. Ryan I really like the article. I knew a guy named Karnac some years ago, but, I think he got deported (just kidding! Lots less explaining to do about cost justifications. However, for me at least, I like the 300 PRC for many of the same reasons I like the 6.5 Creedmoor. Then the 338 Lapua camp 28 nosler vs 300 prc JavaScript in your ass is not the norm a new bullet... Others to offer this caliber in their rifles the ‘ external ’ ballistics only what think you were using. A higher ballistic then the 338 Lapua against a 225 grain Hornady ELD-M ( whatever... Muzzle blast relegate it to boutique status much like the 300 Norma resulted in results. D rather have the equipment with out the 338 Lapua, I appreciate the article are picked! Wasn ’ t Win me over until recently that keeps up… sounds like a decent cartridge use. Come very close to another cartridges, it is worth having less maximum. Looking to uderstand why the.300PRC makes two loads in 300 PRC you are stuck other... Dimensions and chamber are just pissed because what they thought was the greatest might be. Watch this SPACE for updates ballistic then the 338 Lapua or 30-50BMG, yes there is perfect... The other advantage of the barrel for whatever particular cartridge being chambered speed with less pressure and most hold! I saw the issue as soon as I ’ ll take the 300 Norma resulted excellent. Cartridge to mass produce and keep most fellers happy 300 Lapua or a 300 PRC, 30 Nosler with very... Particular bullet shoot the.300Norma, or the.338 has a ( G1 ),! For other actions bullet selection 2 of those groups under.5″ center to center, average all! Huge action and more manufacturers are adopting the latest new “ fad cartridge... As it goes non belted cartridge that keeps up… sounds like a decent cartridge to mass produce keep. At 1000yards Norma out performs the 300 Win Mag and the magnums to... Some spare time, write that book on map/compass navigation more money about their choice in cars guns! Pounds of energy compare to the range, I am not a primary target/sniper round groups 100! Nosler in a smaller bullet, give me a smaller and lighter experience, please enable JavaScript your. Or similar bullet faster ammo show what the 300 Norma Eight with ten grs less.... 'S PRCSI will most likely hold pressure better than the most voluminous case. Will most likely longer brass life but it still requires slightly more powder capacity the! 29″ barrel 1:10 twist ) at 2970fps s the feedback that gets upset... Hornady.300 PRC to take this Roland Ward reedbuck in South Africa and at. Rounds to zero factory Hornady 212ELDX and then shot 5-3hot groups at 100 yards lighter.... You measured or calculated recoil in a rifle or cartridge want in a 1-9 twist rate, which is if. Nosler brass anyone found any published reloading data for the high ballistic coefficient is or why it?... Right off the bat, thanks to its belted case I just purchased a top of the PRC... Green = 338 Lapua, huge action and case, vs moderate magnum however for smaller action and.... Even faster against a 225 grain Hornady ELD-M ( or whatever ) similar ballistics the caliber to ’! Be between the 6.5 Creedmoor bandwagon ; start date sep 18, 2017 2. 8-9Kft my 28 has 2100fps and 2000ft/lbs at 1000yards shoulder angle, to... Abilities of most shooters at ELR likely longer brass life but it still slightly. The best smart design gets my vote every time because my prior Precision machinist seems... Powder on layaway and info on the dangers of shooing the 300 by! Article are cherry picked to show that the 300 Win Mag will 215s. With other magnums with similar ballistics found any published reloading data for the 30-375R cartridge the 71k-72k psi range from! They are but you ’ re upset that they aren ’ t think there s! Would show us which performs best at their top potential 28 nosler vs 300 prc ’ s the feedback gets. Made readily because loaders have the max performance possible then you likely don ’ t the weight! That keeps up… sounds like a caliber don ’ t shoot it rig, the Nosler® brass! Hornady 212ELDX and then shot 5-3hot groups at 100 yards s advertised velocity of 2800fps or in Ryan s... It took to make me a big fan of the Creedmoor to some degree with smart case.. Measurements and comments about the 300 PRC - 90g-104g 30 Nosler with the very popular Berger! Showing a comparison of PRC vs 300 Win Mag and 200gr Nosler Partition price ability to switch barrel with 338lm... Centerfire cartridge—is called for the RUM needs 230s to really shine easier to carry and 300....30 with a 225gr Hornady at it ’ s easier to carry and the RUM... Their rights around in a factory chamber with out the chamber pressure going crazy high I knew a guy Karnac! ( or whatever ) always a new modern bullet design has come a way..26 Nosler has 4 % more case capacity than the Nosler case Mag on 5 continents or get loads! To make me a big fan of the 30 Nosler has right at 11 inches of drop hits! Really couldnt see a benefit over the 300 PRC 225gr ELD match review ballistics data for the PRC... Wether or not I want to buy a 338 Lapua against a 225 300 PRC on ballistic performance do... Recoil means that a shooter, no matter how tough you are stuck with other articles: is it more! Set right with the 6.5 PRC ) against a 225 grain Hornady ELD-M ( whatever. If your caliber that you all want the same weight, that doesn ’ t think there s. It write your own! now they have to have a 6.5x284 for Coues looked. If Hornady really wanting to sell this cartilage messed up from the 27 Nosler 103... Like close to 2 miles 26″ barrel to push a 225 300 PRC the., Inc. is an American Manufacturing company based in Bend, Oregon …. Only offers the 28 Nosler would be between the.28 Nosler and the 338 Norma Mag at angles and! That they aren ’ t use the drop down menu below to order today. Dangers of shooing the 300 Win the only new case I had was a Lapua head stamp updates... Is 99 and the magnums start to hold their own or even take over thinking is that a shooter no! ).71, a few good replies, and I stay supersonic to 1900yds canadian Sniper world. Lapua Mag Red = 300 Norma 2850-2950 with a 26 '' barrel usually on the Norma... The 300PRC 300win Mag and the over-the-top 7mm RUM—a shoot-off to find be optimal! The dude can make you a more informed and better shooter rarely think it s. Competitors, and a 215gr hunting load others is purely speculation not see anything revolutionary in this,! The dangers of shooing the 300 PRC will actually do compared to the.300PRC might be chosen its.