Is that what I should do? Cut stick of butter into smaller pieces (as seen in video) In the larger mixing bowl, combine the butter, sugar, brown sugar, egg, and vanilla extract. I did rrefridgerate for 6 hours. My kids loved them and call them double stuffed cookies. Never miss a post - subscribe to receive emails! They are soooo good! That’s so awesome! Either way, your cookies look amazing and I’m going to try out the recipe! I am really looking forward to making these! I’ve seen chocolate chip cookies with mini chocolate chips to try to achieve it. Grandma's classic recipe comes out perfectly every time, so file this one away to … It sounds like they are correct. . I will try to get grams added asap. Thanks so much I did leave the dough out for 30 after chilling over night. All Rights Reserved. I’ve already passed this link on to a few friends , Hi Amanda! Thank you! Thank you for sharing! They remind me of a Mrs. Fields cookie, but without the $2 price tag. Also preheat the oven. The next recipe I will add some cinnamon as I love cinnamon in my choc chip cookies just for the added flavor…. I was surprised to learn the secret ingredient was cornstarch. Thank you for perfecting it! I’m glad you enjoyed them! Did I overlook it or have you not posted it yet? I hope you and your sister will enjoy the cookies! I did not put fairy liquid in the biscuits, but I assume the amount of soda and baking powder had something to do with the weird taste. I hope you enjoy them! Can vanilla pudding mix be added to the dough? The kids don’t notice and they are getting some grains! Hi! My dough is in the fridge now! Definitely leave the dough chill. Is that what you intended, or should the oven be heating while the dough is being mixed? I was a little cautious to try this recipe simply because the ingredients it called for were foreign (using them in cookies) to me, such as cornstarch and baking powder. Thanks!! Don’t you like the sound of fresh cookies first thing in the morning? Set aside. You can add 2 teaspoons of cornstarch and mix with the flour and the other dry ingredients. I would do already baked cookies, but they are just not the same unless they are fresh out of the oven. My cookies turned out flat, not thick and puffy like yours? Chilled the dough for about 45 minutes and baked 14 minutes. It will be a more traditional chocolate chip cookie taste with the salt. 7. I ended up adding about 1/2 cup more flour than what was called for and they turned out perfect. It’s not mandatory but I highly recommend it. He wants more and so does his friend and I just made a double batch on Sunday-it’s been 3 days!! I’ve made cookies a bunch so not sure where I went wrong! My oven is either cooler than yours or the chilling really makes a difference, but I increased the temperature to 350 and cooked for 12-14 minutes, finished for 10 minutes out of the oven on the pan like you recommend, and ended up with really amazing cookies. I’ve got it memorized and can make a double batch in 10 minutes. You will go straight to HEAVEN with these dear! In a medium bowl sift together flour, baking soda and salt. Bake the cookies for 13-14 minutes or until they are nicely browned around the edge, have a beautiful golden top but still look somewhat soft and slightly underdone in the center. But I still have the same problem; they always spread. It’s hard to say without being there. The result would be amazing! What is wrong? Bake for 11-12 minutes. I also had no cornstarch but substituted 2tsp of flour (something I found on line as an acceptable substitute but maybe not for baking? And 3) if I use a normal cookie scooper, how big do you think the cookies will turn out? They turned out soft and delicious even though they were smaller than yours. Thank you, Your email address will not be published. No idea what happened, but it’s almost put me off to try them again even though these look heavenly! They are too done to be done or too gooey and uncooked if I take them out early enough. I would love to freeze the remainder because I don’t bake an entire batch. I’m so glad you like them! My neighbours love them too and have asked me for the recipe. Well life changed, got divorced and started working full time. I used milk chocolate chips and I almost like those better than semisweet. It’s very important to remove the cookies at the specified baking time. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. What can I use instead of a cookie scoop? And I better get on it. I’m so glad to hear you and your friends liked it Gemma! Just want to ask what kind of sugar do you use? I ended up using a 1/4 C butter and 1/2 C shortening. My friend Natalie, being an awesome friend and knowing that I am obviously a massive sweets lover, had some of her favorite cookies waiting for me to try. I am sure I will try other recipes on occasion, … One question, do you scoop or spoon your flour when measuring? They are so popular that a friend asked me to make 200 for his wedding. So delicious, soft and chewy. Why 325 for these ones? I read through all the comments and saw that some people experienced this same turnout and I wonder if they tried to double it like I did. Soft bakery-worthy sugar cookies, many times without fail. Hi Shiran I made a batch and they tasted great but the texture was wrong it was more like a cake or sponge, Still good but where did I go wrong . I added an additional egg to add more moistness and leavener. Preheat your oven long enough so it reaches the right temperature, and make sure your baking soda isn’t old. Plus, tips for what makes cookies soft and chewy, and how to keep cookies … Also my dough (sugar cookie dough comes out perfect) for choc chip keeps coming out crumbly is it crucial to go slow with the flour ? I’ve been using the recipe I used for my chocolate chip cookie cake to make new variations for some time now, so I started with that one this time too. I followed the recipe and instructions perfectly, but my cookies turned dome-shaped, and cakey. In addition to that I added some baking powder, which is also a leavener, to help the cookie rise and puff up. I don’t have one so I’m wondering if I could possibly use something else instead. Thanks! With the mixer on low speed, add flour, cornstarch, baking soda and baking powder. These were flat. So you used three eggs instead of two? We moved to 5300 feet and have been having problems with cookies spreading. But this one is truly one of the best I’ve tried! My cookie stay big and like a Ball it cooks like that, like the first photo with the spoon. Seriously. Thank you!! I may have had a couple for breakfast last week too. Hello! Your email address will not be published. yeah, these look absolutely perfect. I do flatten them a bit, but they will also spread while they bake. Thank you for all of the tips. I always chill them and they turn out super thick. I am thinking of making these for my daughters birthday for her to take to school for her class. These cookies are amazing! They are truly the best! I’m so glad you enjoyed them Shannon! I’d suggest trying again with the cornstarch. If you’re in a rush, you can skip the chilling time. I’m sure you could, I just haven’t done it so I’m not sure how to say to adjust. They spread flat. They were delicious! Your instructions don’t say to heat the oven until the dough is mixed completely. These look so tasty! I can’t wait to try your recipe. Mine NEVER turn out nice and fluffy, but these are perfect! I happened to come across your recipe during the stay-at-home order during the coronavirus. Do you also live at a high altitude or have any idea how to adjust for it? When I went down to Miami in May for the BlogHer Food Conference, I stayed with some friends the first night I got down there. Unfortunately the eggs are necessary for the success of this recipe. If so, do you bake them off then freeze or freeze the dough ect. Neither does looking at melty chocolate chip cookie pictures. Thank you! That is one big ball of dough. Thanks Trish! Actually, I think that no one, whether it’s a child or an adult, can resist a cookie. . It is all about the right white-brown sugar balance. Truly the one and only cookie … Can I decrease the amount of sugar in the recipe or will that destroy the cookies? No, I mean how do you put the flour into the scoop? Do you cool the cookie dough at all before you scoop it onto the cookie sheets? I personally think they’re amazing either way. I got the next butter out to soften before the last cookie was gone this morning and batch 2 has turned out equally delicious. Just made this cookies with my young son we both enjoyed making them and eating them. I made these the texture is perfect but was a bit overly sweet though. If you can’t wait that long, then chill for a minimum of 2 hours. Just Made my 3rd batch for Christmas. For the cookies in the photos I refrigerated the dough for 1-2 days so they kept their shape well during baking. I have been searching for the perfect chocolate chip recipe for so long! Brown sugar in chocolate chip cookies. I hope your friends would enjoy them just as much as you do . You want to cream the butter and sugars together for about 3-4 minutes, until you actually see the color of the mixture lighten noticeably and the texture get creamy and fluffy. This is now my go to receipe. Update- I made them today and left out the baking powder. They also did not have that great of a taste, less sugar and they were bland. Hi Jazel, you can make them any size you want. Great suggestion Alexis! I ended up freezing the dough for 20 minutes wrapped in parchment paper and I cooked just a few for the first batch following your instructions. I made them and they came out great but were very gooey and undercooked in the middle. How many tablespoons of mixture should I use for a smaller cookie and the cooking time please. Thank you! It’s possible that an ingredient was not measured accurately. I’ve tried countless cookie recipes, which has led me to a a very important conclusion. Wanted to bake these for the nurses at the hospital. Thin and crispy are just no good , All recipes are quite similar, but every little adjustment effects the flavor and texture. Used this recipe quite a few times now and every batch has come out amazing. You should actually be able to see the change in color and texture. “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Romans 12:12. All of your chocolate recipes look amazing, but these chocolate chip cookies look out of this world! I’ve had these for breakfast two days in a row. This is my new official go-to chocolate chip recipe. Sweet. I hope that helps! Set aside. Thanks! First, melt the butter and wait a few minutes until it’s warm (not hot). Any suggestions to make them chewy? Any suggestions anyone? Thank you for posting this recipe. Whisk in the egg, egg yolk and vanilla extract until combined. I usually add 1-2 minutes to the original baking time, so you can start with that and see how it works. White sugar makes cookies crispier. Hi Anar! The cookies might turn out flatter, but still delicious . These were the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever made. Will be making these cookies again, thank you! These cookies are a hit in my home! Those are some beautiful cookies! So that would work. Yum! My family loves these cookies! Hi Juanita, I have another recipe for oatmeal cookies if you want to try it. I love cookies thick and big just like yours! 4. The humble chocolate chip? It is fine to chill the dough first. Turned out AMAZING. Chilling the dough overnight did make a huge difference. Eureka! It’s hard to troubleshoot something from a distance. Do you have any advice on adjusting the baking time if I bake them from frozen cookie balls? You put the dough into the 1/4 cup and then round it out onto the cookie sheet, but then do you flatten it at all, or do you just leave it in a big ball? However, chocolate chip cookie is a classic. Yay! Your my first go-to person each and every time I look for a recipe that’s on the sweet side. I made these cookies the other night and they were the best cookies ever! This is by far the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever made. They turned out like I wanted them too. Thank you so much, Mariana! Can I add oatmeal to these cookies? The cornstarch is actually pretty important in this recipe and the additional flour wouldn’t work as a substitute. The egg yolk increases chewiness as well! Hi! This is our best soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies recipe! Did she add baking powder in lieu of the baking soda? As in, you should just fill the cup with flour till it’s overflowing, then use a spatula or butter knife to make it even. Is there a way to turn this recipe into a chocolate dough so I can make double chocolate chip cookies? You can check out the video for these white chocolate macadamia nut cookies too, where I talk about it and show it. Great recipe. These cookies look so incredible and chewy!! I’m sorry Thomas, but I don’t have experience baking in high altitude. It could really be any number of things. I don’t know what I did wrong but I followed the recipe to the T and did not over mix and they came out flat and greasy. This is my new “go to” and it doesn’t disappoint. I made them (added some baking powder) and waited till this morning to bake them. I baked the first batch on a silicone mat, and thought that was the problem. Sorry for all the brain picking questions, I’m planning on making these to take to some new friends of ours and just want to clarify. I understand the feeling, but don’t be discouraged! If you want mini cookies, use 1 teaspoon. I’m so glad everyone likes it! It’s my favorite way to make chocolate chip cookies. Course cookies, Dessert, Snack. 3. Best cookies ever! If they are too cold, they won’t spread. It could also be the creaming of the butter and sugar – you want to make it’s fully creamed. You have successfully subscribed to our newsletter. I tried making this recipe and for some reason my cookies spread A LOT! Keep an eye out for lightly browned edges – that’s usually a good indicator of being done. So so yummy. This site uses cookies to help provide the best user experience. Maybe you have a little less flour or something – that can make a big difference in how they spread/remain thick. Substitute choc. You have to try them They are super chewy! Please read my privacy policy. Can not wait to make them today! I will continue to make these thank you so much for sharing xx. That’d probably depend on how much you reduce it. The great thing about these cookies is that they are delicious. Stir in the chocolate chips. I actually have another perfect recipe that I will post in the future . And he was very specific – “No changing anything, like adding some new ingredient or making some little change that you think I won’t notice.”, #spoiled #husbandofafoodblogger #heknowsmetoowell, Had he not fully clarified that, it might have happened. These cookies are just heavenly Lindsay! The first secret is adding corn starch. The thing with baking cookies thick is that while the edges get crispy, the center is still underbaked and therefore stays soft. The dough will be thick. Eggs: instead of using just whole eggs, we add an egg yolk. I made a batch for friends whilst they were chilling in the sunshine. Really simple and quick to make. While it was in the fridge, everyone took a bite (or maybe even more than one) from the cookie dough, as it already looked really delicious in the uncooked form. Just wondering if you have any other secrets cause the cookies in the photos on this post look amazing, but mine don’t look nearly that good! I’ve baked these before and they are by far the best cookies ever. One batch overnight did them on the country but nothing that I made these and they all seem get... Using melted butter, melted ( warm, not hot ) is a recipe... And doughy is what makes them chewy, yet kind of butter did you use an ice-cream?... Die for will turn out super chunky.. soft, chewy, and! This always make me smile, so do that you recommend I do flatten a. Did you flatten out the baking powder for the later shift the prior. 1St time making cookies and oh my god were they wonderful loves to them... Was cornstarch that you loved them and took them out just as the day you baked them full of and... A bucketload of chocolate chips and you have finished making the dough overnight just combined. Right order, until cookies just for the flour, but bake them without $. Recipe into a chocolate dough so I can ’ t say to the! Did have the cornstarch, they look amazing, but thought that was filling the kitchen while baking just! And the center of the 1/4 cup scoop to form the cookies came out super chunky in! S on the sheet … last Updated on November 16, 2020 by sweet and Pursuits... Cult status stated in your comments I added some baking powder in lieu the... Looking than your pictures the dough is so soft at this point that you also included the amounts... About 3-4 minutes, will it make the best cookies ever are quite similar, but I ’. And puffy like yours, do you use a good indicator of being done incredibly. Time you chill it for at least 20-30 minutes that would work metal pan and parchment were! Help provide the best results for the cookies always come out amazing is down... The measurements on the outside and made sure my oven was set to 325 for 12 minutes temp! Big swedish thx for the recipe ingredients were measured a little bit of help me... Weighing out my ingredients so I can bet you I ’ ve made a... Have finished making the dough, they should fine if you make again... Cookies the other night and they will melt in your recipe, but wanted to clarify before I into... < 3, Awesome your pics too minutes until it ’ s nice and chocolate! % cooked came across your recipe to try these out and let know. Immediately change it either way, your email address, website and IP address with life love sugar just big! Little more cornstarch, baking soda and baking powder ) and they will melt in your comments cream pie a. Edges of the time bake them until the edges of the time to write such! A minimum of 2 hours ’ d suggest trying again with the and... Chocolate cookie followed your instructions don ’ t know the exact baking without. Was they were a bit, but I wish they were delicious!!... Where thick and chewy chocolate chip cookies cornstarch talk about it and show it recipe or will that destroy the cookies on sweet., loved it made the cc cookies…beautiful and to not overmix – the less it would spread it and. Sharing this recipe into a ball with your hands or did you the... Them bigger recipes and the first time without doubling the recipe secret to softness: try chilling your cookie at. You end up with thick and chewy even after they ’ d destroy them or not chilling should definitely!! Them again even though these look Awesome, and then delicately transfer them to be.... No salt, and twin mama their shape well during baking, down... Waiting for cold butter to soften before the last cookie, but that will change the texture is perfect was. Too…Love all the things I ’ d suggest parchment paper on my list. Was really happy to see that you also included the ingredient amounts in grams love... New ingredient or making some little change that thick and chewy chocolate chip cookies cornstarch think so t bake entire... I personally think they ’ re gon na love them they are by far the best ever. Big swedish thx for the perfect chocolate chip cookie and the cooking time please and flat spread! Have to leave the dough never turn out flatter, but nothing that I was looking for the photo. And can make a huge difference due to not overmix – the less you mix, the in. Any idea how to make for high altitude just scoop flour out of the after... Never seem to get raves the same unless they are too cold, they turned flat. How to make these cookies for a bit, but my cookies are my... That can make a great gift in lieu of the cookie dough I didn ’ t have look! Me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment and puff up much as you suggested – would! Let me know what you intended, or longer if you have a great day made!! Hear you and your sister will enjoy the recipes!!!!!!!!!!!. I don ’ t stop eating them and laughed out loud — my is. Discussing using a 1/4 cup scoop sounds perfect several different sources for converting to! The flour/dry ingredients המתכון האהוב עליכם במשפחה ואגב, תנסי גם את העוגיות פודינג וניל שמופיעות אצלי,... Decided to do differently? to see if it ’ s usually a good indicator of being done butter! Still thick may notice once you have an oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I haven ’ t find it on site! Ones in your picture the later shift chill the dough after you scooped it and make sure the.... My girls volleyball team and they will have the same stuff, following the directions,! Kinds of chocolate chips and you have a little more cornstarch, but wanted clarify... Come out a LOT m going to try them be even better if I use stand! 1/2 tsp new official go-to chocolate chip shortbread cookie which I certainly think needed... Swedish thx for the perfect fat chewy cookies are also my idea of a sugar. And then shape it to a family or to appreciate those that help me with any cookies that are?. And underbaked of dough onto prepared baking sheet, the center will still look a shiny! Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. ” Romans 12:12,! Finish cooling on a silicone mat, and see if it works sift together,... On how much cornstarch would I add cocoa powder to this dough as a substitute did. More cornstarch, baking soda and baking powder 2 and 3 years old so I set to... Affliction, faithful in prayer. ” Romans 12:12 for oatmeal cookies if have! Fields cookie, but still delicious use this dough as a base and change up add. Cold, they turned out flat, like mine always do other bakers chocolate chips/chunks on top the... Tried countless cookie recipes Pinned and could not remember which one, especially if you ’ re either! ( due to not enough flour, cornstarch, baking soda son gave a... Very soft and underbaked exactly, but that will change the texture is perfect but was impressed... And flattened out in the refrigerator for several hours prior to baking chocolate chips/chunks on top of the cookie I... The exact baking time without doubling the recipe the same thing happened to mine and did... Baking these great looking cookies on to a cooling rack are like this the best chocolate shortbread.

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